Novatek I.T. Solutions

Some of our services:

Personalized Security Systems, Cameras, Video Access Control.
What are you waiting for getting the best security option for your business?

Sale of Computer Equipment and Supplies.
With the greatest support and post-sale assistance.

Advice and Training in Computer Security for Companies.
Do not expect something unexpected to happen to your data, contact us.

Development of custom applications.
Do you need a Management System? an Inventory System? Sales control? Ask us.

Equipment Preventive and Corrective Technical Service for company and individuals.
We have extensive experience in the field. Hundreds of satisfied customers support our work.

Rental of computer services
Do you need a web page? Institutional mail? We are your best choice.

Know us

Our Mission:

We are a company dedicated to providing Integral Technology Solutions, which allows our clients to position themselves competitively in the market.

Our Vision:

We intend to be referents in the area of I.T. nationwide, standing out in our dealings with the client, being innovative and transparent in our daily operations, to promote the loyalty of our customers.

Our Staff:

Luis Casco Profile Pic
Luis Casco

Degree on Information Technology
Application Development Sector

Nicolas Duarte Profile Pic
Nicolás Duarte Quijano

Degree on Information Technology
Application Development Sector

Valeria Escribano Profile Pic
Valeria Escribano

Training Sector

Jorge Luis Gaston Gonzalez Profile Pic
Jorge L. Gastón González

Degree on Information Technology
Founder - CEO
Infrastructure Sector

Fabio Guerra Profile Pic
Fabio Guerra

Degree on Information Technology
DevOps Sector

Karina Maciel Profile Pic
Karina Maciel

Tec in Admin. y Accounting
Training Sector

Alexandra Mendez Profile Pic
Alexandra Méndez

Community Manager
Human Capital Sector

Andrea Monzón Profile Pic
Andrea Monzón

Tec in Admin. y Accounting
Training Sector

Paola Olivera Profile Pic
Paola A. Olivera Alvez

Degree on Information Technology
Data Base Sector,
Training Coordination

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